Tome Haut Barry

Spring’s here, so we’ve found another wonderful sheep’s milk cheese to help you worry down all that Rosé now that the weather is warm enough to drink it. This is a supple, relatively young cheese that tastes fairly mild at first, before the flavours develop in your mouth to produce a surprisingly long finish.

Tomme a l’Ancienne

We’ve gone big on goat’s cheeses this week because it seems like the appropriate thing to be eating in the run up to Easter. These little discs of soft, gooey goat’s cheese are produced in Provence, and are dusted with a little pepper to give them an extra bite in the finish.


We’ve been waiting a month for this cheese to arrive, and it’s been totally worth the wait. These Munsters are pungent, super soft and mouth-wateringly meaty. Get some now, while they’re as excellent as this.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

We’ve just received a new wheel of Red Leicester, and it has reminded us of just what a great cheese it is. Buttery, rich and satisfying, but never overpoweringly strong, it’s the Red Leicester to which all others aspire, and fall short.


La Peral

A soft, buttery and gentle cow’s milk cheese from Asturias, northern Spain. Unlike its neighbours, Picos Blue and Cabrales, this one won’t come anywhere in a World’s Strongest Cheese competition, but its lovely buttery savouriness has a charm of its own.


Fleur du Maquis

We always get this cheese in around spring, because its fresh, moist interior and densely herbed crust taste like summer is just round the corner. Its light, tangy flavour is just begging to be enjoyed with a crisp rosé.

Apple season has finally begun, so we’ve got some cheesy suggestions to go with the rare early varieties from the National Fruit Collection outside.

Kirkham’s Lancashire

Lancashire’s affinity with apples is well-known – Lancastrians sometimes add a slice under the pastry of an apple pie. The buttery, crumbly texture and sharp tang make a great foil to a crisp juicy apple.

Lincolnshire Poacher

Take a slice of this home with one of our crusty baguettes from the Slow Bread Company and a couple of apples. Eat and enjoy. That is all.

Stinking Bishop

Most washed-rind cheeses don’t pair very well with fresh fruit. Stinking Bishop does – perhaps because the flavour is milder than the smell would suggest, perhaps because it’s washed in perry as it matures, but it works very well with a good crisp apple.

 Three more little beauties to get your gobbling chops around this weekend.

Truffled Coulommiers

These rich and creamy brie-like cheeses have been maturing with their truffled filling for a week now, and they’re just about perfect. So ripe they’re oozing, with a gentle tanginess of their own, there’s a good whack of pungent truffle aroma going on too.


Fleur du Maquis

It may not look much like spring yet, but it’s springtime in our hearts. Fleur du maquis is a wonderful light ewe’s milk cheese from Corsica. It’s full of fresh milky flavours, offset by a thick crust of herbs.



After a big Easter lunch, Bonnet is a great way to end the meal. A firm goat’s milk cheese from Ayrshire, Scotland, it has a gentle tang, but remains wonderfully fresh and light in flavour.

New Blog

Mar 20 2013

We've started a new blog, full of lots of tasty, exciting and interesting foodie things we have instore, as well as all the other things that happen in our shop. And, well, pretty much anything else that occurs to us, really. Check it out at:

Hard as we might try to fight it, there's a definite spirit of hibernation about the shop in the aftermath of the Christmas onslaught. Demand is subdued, the weather is rubbish, so while we keep the shelves stocked and the shop tidy, we tend to simply tick over through January and February, waiting hopefully for our customers to return. 

By the time March rolls around, our sap is rising, and we're raring to go. We've just returned from a trip to the Salon du Fromage in Paris, and we have a basketload of new cheeses to share with you over the coming months. Our Easter stock is now in, and the shelves are groaning under the weight of novelty-shaped chocolates. And we'll soon have our potted herbs back for the spring: they're a wonderfully varied mix of old favourites and unusual varieties (Pineapple sage? Chocolate mint? Hyssop?), and they're fantastic value, too. We'll keep you posted on when they arrive, and we'll add some photos to the site - they make a great addition to the front of the shop.

Our Easter range is now available online - some classics such as Bonnat's sensational filled hen's egg, and some novelties like Kreutzkamm's hyper-kitsch Easter bunny: proof positive that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Germans' sense of humour.

Enjoy, browse away, and do come and visit us when you're in Chiswick - we'd love to show you around.


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